My Koi

My Koi is a beautiful and relaxing fish pond for your phone, tablet or computer.  Customise and name each fish.  Feed them daily.  Watch them grow. Collect new fish.  Escape and relax. 


Download here on the App Store today.


With My Koi you can:

  • Add up to 48 unique fish across 3 ponds.  Change their scales and patterns.  No two fish are alike so everyone's experience will be different
  • Unlock more fish slots and new varieties once milestones have been reached
  • View and track each fish underwater
  • Feed your fish and watch them swim to food (above and below water)
  • See your fish grow over time
  • Name each fish
  • Tap them and watch them swim away
  • View fish happiness levels which will change depending on how much they are fed and your interaction levels
  • Change the time of day you view your fish
  • Dynamic Rain and Thunder
  • Bring the pond to your lounge room via AirPlay
  • Enjoy the calming atmosphere and beauty of your own private koi pond whilst listening to the relaxing sounds of nature

What some of our players have to say:

Beautiful and Peaceful - ByDaglir - May 9, 2016

I have no idea why I enjoy this as much as I do. There is something relaxingly engaging about this that just clicks. Looks great on Apple TV. And the kids like it too. Beautifully rendered and animated koi. Captured their movement and shapes very well. Well done Sakana.

A Lovely, Meditative Experience - byViolanteVi - May 7, 2016

I've been looking for a fish pond simulator for years, and I've finally found it. The graphics are gorgeous, and the fish swim elegantly. The devs are very approachable and responsive, and I'm looking forward to seeing this game grow. But, for now, I'm enjoying the simple pleasure of having a koi pond in my pocket.

Super cool - byCorbondallas - May 7, 2016

I have koi, they're great. But this is a lot less maintenance and super fun. The graphics are crazy and it's surprisingly calming watching your little guys swim around. Great job devs. The only thing I can think to add would be a weather setting like rain, would add to the relaxing experience. 5 stars

Price:  $2.99(US) $4.49(AU) £2.99(UK)

My Koi has no in-app purchases or advertising.  

Suitable Platforms: 

iPhone 5s, SE, 6, 6s, 7, 8, X
iPad Air 1, 2
iPad Mini 2, 3 and 4
iPad Pro, iPad(2017, 2018))
iPod Touch 6th 

OSX 10.11 and above
64bit processor only.