Sakana Studios is an independent studio from Brisbane, Australia.  Made up of Andy and Jane Dyson.

Current Project:  My Koi

My Koi was developed in earnest from August 2015 when Sakana Studios was established.  

What we have now is just the beginning of a product that will develop more in the future.   But at this stage, we’re happy with the simple yet beautiful Koi Fish pond where people can simply escape to from their every day lives.  


Andrew Dyson:  Project Founder / Creator

Andrew Dyson has been working in the computer games industry as a 3D Artist, Animator and all round Graphics Generalist for more than 18 years. During this time he has had the pleasure of collaborating on a wide range of projects, across most major platforms and many different genres. One of the highlights of his career was modelling, texturing, rigging and animating a number of dinosaurs in the 2003 title  "Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis". In this way he has always had a passion for bringing creatures to life in the 3D medium. He has also always had a passion for the great outdoors and wildlife, particularly fish. Nothing was more captivating as a child than staring into a clear pool of water and wondering what might be lurking under the lily pads. So in creating "My Koi" he has combined two of his favourite subjects. 

Jane Dyson:  Marketing and Production

Jane's 18 year career in the marketing industry has taken her to London, Melbourne and now more recently to Brisbane, Australia.  Jane has worked for a number of large corporates including Lloyds TSB, AXA, ANZ and Bupa as well as some small start-ups.  Jane has now dived into the world of Games / Apps production and Marketing working on My Koi as well as Pandora's Books for Smithsoft Games.  

Collaborators:  KPow Audio.  Sound Design

Social Media